As we head on into the last weeks of 2015, my guess is that you’re excited for some holiday eating, napping and catching up with your people, and, at the same time, having heart palpitations thinking about all the things you’d like to tick off the list and/or have mastered before ‘15 becomes ‘16.

Including...getting a handle on this whole PR thing.

Maybe you want to finally land your first speaking gig but have no idea where to find events that make sense for you and your business.

Maybe you feel like you crafted some really great pitches this year, but they never led to any PR wins.

Maybe you just want to know how to put a high-level plan in place, because who doesn’t feel better after that?

Or maybe you need some guidance on how to talk about yourself in the grand scheme of your business (“About Me” page, we’re looking at you).

Wherever you are in your PR journey, here’s the truth: This is the hardest it’s ever going to feel.

Once you learn the PR basics--and how to avoid feeling creepy while you do it—it’s all going to fall into place.


So, grab a cozy blanket, a (very generous) handful of holiday cookies and your favorite Malbec, because I’ve got 7 mini PR lessons for you this holiday season, and we’re taking them to the couch: 

And with that, I’ll leave you to it.

I hope you have an incredible holiday, and I can’t wait to see what PR successes you cook up in 2016.