If you’re anything like me, the idea of sacking something you’ve invested time, money and brain cells into creating—especially when it relates to your biz—can make you feel like sobbing your brains out on your kitchen floor.

But what happens when you’ve thrown all your energy into creating something—from a Twitter account to a fully-fleshed-out Mastermind—that, once it’s done, feels off?


Last month, I attended Nathalie Lussier’s Off The Charts conference in Texas. Months before, I had decided the conference would be my Launch My Business Out Into The World deadline, which also meant it was my Finish That Website And Get It Live Before You Get On The Plane deadline.

As a brand & marketing strategist, I thought creating my own website would be a piece of cake.

Umm, not so much. 

I got insanely finicky about fonts, suddenly had a lot of opinions about color palettes and wrote and rewrote (and rewrote and rewrote) my About Me page. But three Zantac-filled months later and 48 hours before my flight, I launched I was excited, proud of myself and mostly relieved

Then I got to the conference, and I started to notice something.

As I began to get to know some of the passionate, smart, soulful, hysterically funny boss lady attendees, I noticed that the women I was exploding with excitement to work with were a little different than the “ideal client avatar” exercise I filled out and based my website on. That the struggles they were facing in their businesses and in their marketing were many of the struggles I expected—but several surprised me. That once I got in my groove, the words and tone I used to describe who I am and what I do were not the same as what I drafted at my kitchen table weeks before.

On the plane ride home, I was vibrating. Connecting with so many women entrepreneurs in person had made me so CLEAR about who I wanted to work with and where my expertise fit into their overall experience.

The other thing that was abundantly, barf-inducingly clear?

My website felt off.

That three-month-in-the-making, basically-still-in-plastic-wrap website?

In 72 hours, I had already outgrown it.

So, back to the question: What happens when you’ve worked your toosh off to create something that ends up feeling not quite right?

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Yoga breathes, downward dog, a white wine spritz, whatever. As Marie Forleo likes to say, “everything is figureoutable.”

  2. Shine a big ‘ol light on the off feeling (even if you want to do the opposite). Does it feel off because you’re trying to be perfect? Because you’re afraid to introduce it to the world? Or does it feel off because it’s not serving your business in the way you had originally thought it would?
  3. If the last question is a yes: What needs to happen to make it feel ON? Be honest. It may be an easy tweak, or you may need to dive into the guts of whatever you’ve created and make bigger shifts.
  4. If you need to, be brave enough to start over. You can cry on the kitchen floor first. And then, start. I guarantee you’ll find the same thing I did when, after shining that big ol' light on my own business,  I started building my website all over again: —and soul—in a way that last version never could.

@@And the biggest lesson I learned about starting over? In the end, it's actually harder not to.@@

So here’s what I want to know: Are there any areas of your business that feel off?

Tell me where you’re struggling, and we can jam on it in the comments below.