Earlier this week I received a great pitch from a guy that I wanted to share with you to add to your pitch arsenal.

I took out his link and name but otherwise it’s straight from my inbox:

Hey Alex,

Just came across your post on themuse entitled "Creating a Website This Year? The Best Platform for You" -- great stuff.

I noticed you talked about WordPress hosting, I recently did an epic / in-depth guide comparing best options -- [link to epic / in-depth guide].

Might make a nice addition. If not, no worries. Keep up the awesome work.

[His Name]


I loved it for three reasons:

1) It's 3 sentences

I read it, replied and was on to the next thing in less than 5 minutes.

2) His "pitch" is genuine and straightforward

His underlying message wasn’t “Everyone thinks my guide is awesome so you should too,” “You’re really going to regret not including my guide if you don’t link to it,” or “I’m desperate for coverage, please help.”

It was: “Hey, this might be helpful. Check it out.”

3) I sensed his human

There wasn’t any jargon or BSy language that I had to strip away to get a feel for the guy behind the email. I felt like I had been contacted by a real, living and breathing person. I always reply back to those!

Now, this pitch doesn’t work for everything. If you’re pitching yourself as a speaker for an upcoming event, for example, you’ll want to include a little more meat to why you’d be an awesome participant. (My free mini e-book has a beefier pitch template towards the end).

But for smaller, easier asks, this is a great one to follow.

And, to come full circle, while I won’t be able to help him with his original request, he sent over some other great stuff he’s working on and we’re going to keep in touch.

See how easy that is?

To easy wins...