If we were sitting in a cozy cafe drinking pumpkin spiced lattes and talking about your business, I'd be giving you all my thoughts and advice on the most relevant, real ways to promote it.

But you know what we'd probably talk about just as much?

All the way you're already marketing your business that you can stop doing right now. 


I'm probably not the first to tell you this life-wise, but I may be the first to tell you marketing-wise:

You're doing way too much. 

I know it feels like marketing should = more business. And done strategically, it absolutely can and will.

But if you're Facebooking, Persicoping, Instagramming, tweeting, webinaring, virtual workshopping, guest blogging and hosting events as a party of less than 5, it's going to = less.

Look at it this way:

If I showed up to our coffee date three days late, telling you the same story I told you at our last coffee date, too distracted to reply to anything you say and then piping up randomly to show you pictures of things I want you to buy from me, you would not be interested in continuing our coffee dates, let along purchasing my products.

But if I showed up to our coffee date on time (at the very least, on the same day) with great stories and advice to share and, more than anything, the time and willingness to build a real relationship with you, I bet you'd be up for more coffee dates.

I also bet you'd be much more interested in buying what I'm selling. 

You want your marketing to be coffee date #2.

To beat this metaphor to a pulp, you may not be able to have coffee with as many people, but you're going to be able to show up for the ones you are getting in front of in a way that's much more effective, impactful and will ultimately grow your business more quickly.

When it comes to your marketing, what can you STOP DOING?

There's always something.