"Since working with Alex, I've been invited to be a regular contributor on the Huffington Post, been featured on multiple podcasts and successfully launched my first course. Before working with Alex, I was completely confused about marketing. I was spending my time creating content and quietly working with clients, secretly hoping that people would just find me and I wouldn't have to do any of that icky sales stuff.

Thankfully the universe brought me Alex! She showed me how to look at marketing in a whole new way.

Alex is a master at fresh and unique communication. She helped me find the best way for ME to express myself, and she can do that because she knows all the rules and so she knows exactly where to bend them, break them and reinvent them to make them work for her clients. Alex takes the time to really know you, your offerings and your business and has the ability to hear your golden nuggets. Alex is a trusted friend, mentor, coach, PR specialist, message whisperer and kickass launch partner."

Casey Erin Wood, writer, speaker, intuitive coach


"Alex has a gift for honing in on the gold nuggets of core messages and making it more clear, concise and succinct for the most memorable impact. I'm thrilled to have found Alex just as I was planning a launch for my new online course. Her support has been such an integral part of my creative process and I'm repeatedly relieved to have her efficient support. Working with Alex has impacted my ability to get my work out there sooner rather than later, from designing my marketing plan to finessing my copywriting."

Krista Kujat, Creator of Permission Session and the 12 Day Course Unleash Your Sexy


"Alex played an integral part in helping us create a message defining our business and brand. Her creative techniques led us to think outside the box to identify our markets and ways to capture their attention. She was an incredible resource to us in the infancy stages of our company and we continue to use her tools and advice as we grow our business."

- Alex Gould, Founder of FlexKitchen


"Love working with Alex! She is a clear-eyed strategist and elegant thinker who helped me clarify who I'm talking to and what messages can be most effective in reaching them. Can't wait to tap her wisdom again."

Robin Steven Payes, author and learning innovator, Edge of Yesterday