Took all the marketing courses, read all the books, listened to more webinars than you can count...
and still not seeing the business growth you're looking for?

Good news: It's not you!
Bad news: It's your slightly chaotic, not-built-for-your-business marketing strategy.

With Growth Map, we change all that.

What is Growth Map?

Growth Map is a four week, one-on-one branding and marketing program designed to help you grow your business more quickly and strategically than you've ever grown it before.

How? By throwing out all the cookie cutter marketing strategies you've been using and creating a customized, personalized plan based on your unique business and you, the human at the helm of it.

The Growth Map package includes...

A Comprehensive
Brand and Marketing

So you know what's working... and what's really (really) not.



5 One-on-One
Strategy Sessions

Each week, we spend an hour nailing down specific components of your marketing strategy. The 5th strategy session happens three months into your marketing plan, to assess, adjust and keep building your momentum.


A Personalized Six Month
Marketing Plan

At the end of the program, I create a personalized, tailored six month marketing plan for your business, so you know every single step you need to take to grow your business quickly, strategically and with ease.

Customized Brand
Identity Workbooks

We get clear on: your audience (for real this time), your brand message, your goals, your resources and you, our most important marketing asset.


Handpicked Marketing
Platforms + Opportunities
for YOUR Unique Business

We identify the best, most impactful marketing platforms for your unique business and then I track down five specific opportunities to kickstart your growth.


Unlimited Email Access

When you have marketing questions pop up, you want to run something by me or you just need a pep talk
(I'm known for those)—I'm all yours.

If your marketing strategy isn't creating the momentum you're looking for, it's likely because...

1) You've focused too much on where, and not enough on who, how or why.
If you feel unclear about your own business model, who you're trying to get in front of and what you want to say to those people once you do, you're never going to grow your business to the extent you're looking to—whether you've mastered the art of Facebook ads or not.

In Growth Map, we dig into whohow and why first, and only decide on where once we've nailed down your brand foundation.

2) The platforms you've picked aren't the ones that are best suited for you and/or your business.
When you take marketing courses, read books and attend webinars, you tend to adopt marketing platforms based on what's trendy and appealing to the masses. But here's the truth: As much as you've heard Periscope is the way to catapult your subscriber list, if your audience isn't on Periscope and video isn't your best platform, you're going to waste a lot of time and energy and not see a whole lot in return.

As a marketing and PR expert (with nearly 10 years in the biz) and a trained business coach, I have the unique ability to pair business owners with the platforms that best complement their personalities, strengths, goals and capabilities. This is how massive growth happens.

3) You're spread too thin.
In not knowing where to focus your marketing efforts, you're marketing your business all over the place: Twitter, Pinterest, webinars, emails, speaking gigs, telesummits. You name it, you're doing. But if you truly want to triple your email list, bring in more 1:1 clients or sell out your next program, we need to focus. 

As much as Growth Map is about growth, it's also about identifying—and giving you permission to!—slash the platforms and strategies that are just. not. working.