You don't have to sell your soul,
lose your sense of humor
or shape-shift into a marketing robot
to launch and grow a successful business.

After nearly 10 years working in communications for multimillion dollar brands and startups in NYC and London, I know what truly drives crazy conversions, sold out launches and New York Times interviews. (Hint: It’s not where you stick your newsletter sign-up buttons on your website, how often you blog or the pictures you choose for your Facebook ads.)

It's how well you...

1) Humanize your brand
2) Know and connect with the heart-beating humans you're selling to
3) Choose the most momentum-driving marketing opportunities for your unique business

Through my one-on-one strategy work, online trainings and weekly tips and insights,
I work with entrepreneurs to bring in high paying 1:1 clients, multiply their email subscriber lists

and land speaking gigs, guest blogs and podcast interviews.

The difference?

Instead of stringing together a marketing strategy based on the marketing flavors of the week (which, by the way, never works), we work together to build a marketing strategy that:

  • reaches the heart-beating humans you're trying to serve;
  • complements your—and your team's—individual strengths;
  • leverages the best marketing platforms for your unique business (this really matters!);
  • helps you hit your quarterly business goals; AND
  • is built with your resources and day-to-day capabilities in mind.

Which means we build a marketing strategy that actually works.

Ready to finally build that marketing momentum you've been looking for? You can learn more about the ways we can work together here.