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CreatING Your Platform

Growing Your Platform

Whether you call this "creating your platform," "personal branding" or "thought leadership," the gist is the same: you're ready to get yourself out in the world in a bigger, more strategic way.

Through a process of excavating, clarifying and strategizing, I partner with executives and solopreneurs to build completely tailored, customized platform strategies.

Our work will focus on identifying opportunities for you to share your unique message and/or story with more of the people who need to hear it through guest blogging, speaking, etc.; building your industry street cred; creating relationships with interesting, influential people in your industry; and pushing both you and your brand to its next iteration.

This process is different for each person,
but most platforms take 8 - 12 weeks to create.

I support my people in growing their platforms in a number of different ways, but the emphasis is always on continuing to build your momentum.

My support can include:

  • Outlining monthly priorities and keeping you on task
  • Creating monthly content (pitches, blogs, speeches, etc.)
  • Managing event calendars, press lists, guest blog lists and more
  • Prepping you for each booked opportunity
  • Strategizing around new opportunities that present themselves (they always do!)

...and helping you stay authentic and inspired through it all.

Minimum six month retainer. 



Tried all the platforms, read all the books, listened to more webinars than you can count and still not seeing the business growth you're looking for? Good news: It's not you. Bad news: It's your slightly chaotic, not-built-for-your-business PR + marketing strategy.

I work with solopreneurs, executives and marketers to course correct your PR + marketing strategy by:

  • getting clear about where you want to take your business (which affects how we market and promote it!);
  • truly getting to know the heart and soul of your audience and where they hang out;
  • understanding how you innately connect and communicate with people;
  • picking the most relevant PR + marketing platforms based on what we learn.

This process is unique to each business,
but most PR + marketing strategies take 6 - 12 weeks to develop.


After creating a built-for-you PR + marketing strategy, we work hand-in-hand to execute against it. My involvement can be as high as stepping in as your interim CMO to as low as once a month strategy check-ins.

Depending on the level of support you need (and the strategy we've outlined!), I can help you strategize, manage and create content for your:

  • Email marketing platforms
  • Blog
  • Social media platforms
  • Webinars

I also work with you to identify and pitch:

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Guest blogs and op-eds
  • Podcast interviews
  • Media outreach

Minimum six month retainer


Developing thoughtful, meaningful content that truly impacts people's ways of thinking is one of my biggest joys and gifts with this work.

Over the past decade, I've ghostwritten op-eds for business leaders that were published in top-tier national publications; crafted pitches that led to stories in broadcast and print publications around the world, including the Today Show, CNBCMashable, BBC, NPR and CNN; and developed and written executive speeches delivered at conferences across the country. My own articles have been published in the Daily Muse, Forbes, Inc., Mashable, DailyWorth and more.

From idea generation to writing to editing, I help you identify the most compelling nuggets of your message and/or story and turn it into content that touches people and gets them talking.

I develop, write and edit:

  • Blogs, guest blogs and op-eds
  • Speeches
  • Website copy
  • Pitches for media, speakings ops, partnerships and more